Luna Improves Performance of Bundled Payments for Total Hip and Knee Replacement

Delivering the right care, at the right time, by the right provider means a faster return to function with maximum savings -- on average $3,000 per case.

When outpatient therapy is provided on-demand in the home, the patient can be safely discharged home with the lowest cost of care. In addition, the safety of the patient is ensured, fall risk is managed, adaptations can be made in the home to improve function, and assessments for adaptive equipment can be performed. Outpatient therapy, provided on-demand in the home, provides an average reduction of $6,500 when skilled nursing facility stays are eliminated, and an average savings of $3,000 per case when avoiding home health care.


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77% of patients demonstrated pain reduction within 10 visits of surgery with Luna

In a recent study, Luna physical therapists treated 150 patients at home within 48 hours of joint replacement surgery. Each patient received treatment tailored to their home environment, and therapists created a surgeon-approved plan to proactively monitor and manage post-operative care. As a result, 77% of patients demonstrated clinically important pain reduction within 10 visits of surgery.


sign-up rate

Higher conversion into
physical therapy


12 Luna Visits

8 visits in-clinic

Higher completion of care


Faster return to
function with
maximum savings