Luna Fall Safeguard™ Quality Program (QP)

Luna’s Fall Safeguard™ Quality Program is an initiative designed to improve health outcomes and mitigate medical costs by focusing on fall prevention and recovery pathways, especially for Medicare Advantage members. The program includes a series of tailored clinical interventions provided by licensed physical therapists in-home, ensuring personalized care that addresses each member’s specific circumstances and needs. By integrating these services with health plans and providers focused on value-based care, Luna aims to enhance adherence to care regimens, reduce expenses related to home health services, and lower the risks and costs associated with falls​​.

The Fall Safeguard™ program also employs Luna’s innovative risk assessment methodologies and clinical interventions to categorize members by fall risk, create personalized treatment plans, and enhance member strength, balance, and mobility. A notable feature of the program is the Luna Fall Safeguard Score™, which helps to tailor and prioritize care for members at different risk levels. Overall, the program is part of Luna’s broader strategy to deliver cost-effective, high-quality care that improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs by leveraging in-home care provided by skilled therapists​​.


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