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Germantown, Tennessee, Luna Therapists specialize in cutting-edge modalities like dry needling. As experts in proper technique, they can help alleviate pain, promote muscle healing, and improve overall function. Best of all, Luna provides a seamless recovery experience — physical therapy on demand. It’s physical therapy, delivered to you.


Dry needling as a form of physical therapy

Over the past decade, dry needling has emerged as an increasingly popular and evidence-based form of physical therapy. By targeting trigger points – or tight knots within muscles that cause pain – dry needling can help relieve discomfort and improve muscle function. While not every patient may need dry needling, it often complements other forms of physical therapy to address a variety of musculoskeletal complaints.

However, it's vital for patients to understand that dry needling should be performed by a trained physical therapist to ensure safety and effectiveness. A therapist proficient in dry needling will ensure each session brings you closer to improved health rather than potential setbacks.

Source: Mayo Clinic

Is dry needling safe?

Yes, when administered by qualified professionals, dry needling is considered safe. It’s crucial to recognize that the needles used in this method are thin and typically cause minimal discomfort. Some patients might experience brief pain or a twitching sensation, which is a good sign that the trigger point is being effectively treated. It's also not uncommon for patients to feel a bit sore post-session, but this typically subsides within 24 hours. As with any therapeutic procedure, ensuring that you're working with a skilled physical therapist is key to a positive and safe experience.

A specialist in this method will collaborate with you to slowly enhance your muscle function and form. Following a dry needling care plan as directed by your physical therapist, you can confidently return to physical activities, secure in the knowledge that your body is fully healed and ready to go.

The most frequent motives for seeking dry needling as a form of physical therapy include:

  • Joint issues
  • Back or neck pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Migraine and tension-type headaches

Source: M Health Fairview


The Dry Needling Journey:
What to Expect and How It Enhances Recovery

In the overall recovery path using dry needling, multiple sessions are often required, spaced out to allow for muscle recovery in between. The number of sessions varies based on a patient’s specific condition and its severity. As part of the recovery process, the therapist may also incorporate other physical therapy modalities like stretching or strengthening exercises. Regular re-evaluations are conducted to ensure progress and adjust the treatment plan as necessary. With the expertise of a seasoned physical therapist, patients can experience significant relief from their symptoms. When dry needling is incorporated into a broader physical therapy regimen, it can be a transformative tool in the path to better health.

For those beginning their journey with dry needling, here’s a glimpse into what to expect during a session:

  • Initial assessment of the pain area
  • Identification of trigger points
  • Sterilization of the targeted area
  • Insertion of thin needles into trigger points, which may be accompanied by a brief twitch or cramping sensation
  • Needles may be manipulated or left in place for a short duration
Source: Verywell Health

Frequently asked questions

Where are Luna therapists seeing patients?

Your neighborhood in the Germantown area is within our reach for in-home physical therapy sessions. Wherever you reside, we strive to bring physical therapy to your doorstep, making the PT experience as convenient as possible.

Is physical therapy covered by insurance?

Luna accepts many insurance plans, and we handle the benefits verification process for you. With Luna, you always pay the same exact co-pay your insurance plan has for visiting a PT clinic. We accept all major insurances and Medicare.

Is there a waiting list for new patients?

Not at all—we want to ensure that patients can easily kickstart their physical therapy with us! New patients are always welcome, and for most, their initial at-home physical therapy session can be scheduled within 48 hours of signing up. Our therapists are available from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm, seven days a week, ensuring flexibility for all our patients. Check Availability.

Who are Luna’s physical therapists?

At Luna, our therapists are seasoned practitioners, boasting a minimum of 3 years of professional practice, often with a wealth of additional experience. Each therapist undergoes a meticulous interview and thorough background check. We exclusively work with therapists who are wholeheartedly committed to delivering top-tier care to their patients.

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