Luna On-Demand Physical Therapy Celebrates 2.5 Million Minutes of At-Home Treatment Delivered

Rocklin, California, September 16, 2020 — Luna Physical Therapy, the leader in on-demand physical therapy, celebrates two years of improving the health of patients this month! Luna offers at-home physical therapy (PT) appointments, delivered in-person to the home, easily scheduled online or via app, and covered by nearly all major insurance providers.

Since starting patient care in late 2018, Luna has grown and offers convenient, safe, and quality care to patients in Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, and Washington State with plans to add six new states in the coming months.

In that time, Luna has matched 700 exceptional therapists with over 50,000 patient visits for a total of 2.5 million minutes of treatment time. Luna has also saved patients over 5 million minutes of travel time. The results have been notable. Luna patients experience an average of 45% reduction in pain and 52% functional improvement, compared to industry benchmarks of 30% and 15%, respectively. Luna’s efficacy was established in a groundbreaking study demonstrating that patient outcomes, adherence, and healthcare costs all benefit from an in-person delivery PT model.

Luna’s head of clinical services, Palak Shah, PT, remarked, “It’s incredibly exciting to achieve this milestone and to look back on our first two years of success, particularly in terms of patient satisfaction and therapist happiness. It’s gratifying to offer a flexible physical therapy option that’s safer, more convenient, and effective for patients and therapists alike, especially in the midst of the ongoing crisis, when traditional healthcare options are less accessible for many.”

Luna has developed one of the largest, most qualified, and most specialty-diverse networks of physical therapists in the United States. Luna's network of exceptional therapists have 10 years of outpatient experience on average. In addition, Luna’s technology platform enables seamless therapist and patient matching, optimized driving routes for therapists, in-app exercises for patients, transparent reporting of patient recoveries to physicians, and more.

Shah continued, “In the next two years and beyond, we hope to continue to expand our service into the vast majority of the country so that more patients can experience the safety and convenience — and great results — that Luna’s model provides.”

About Luna On-Demand Physical Therapy

Luna is the leading on-demand physical therapy provider. Our mission is to re-imagine the physical therapy experience. Luna makes receiving and practicing outpatient physical therapy more convenient, modern, and impactful — through the use of technology. Now, patients have greater access to care, and therapists have the autonomy and flexibility they need to manage their careers and thrive in their own practice.