Forbes Recognizes Luna as a Top-Rated Employer in Their List of America’s Best Startup Employers in 2024

Nashville, Tennessee, March 26, 2024—Forbes has recognized Luna, the leading provider of in-home, in-person physical therapy (PT), as a top-rated employer in their list of America’s Best Startup Employers in 2024. 

Overall, Luna ranked number 111 across all industries, making it number one in musculoskeletal (MSK) care, and number ten across all of healthcare.

Forbes compiled the list based on the best startup employers up to 3,000 employees, and evaluated 3,000 U.S. based startups founded between 2014 and 2021 with over 50 employees. Criteria for inclusion included company reputation, employee satisfaction, and growth.

Forbes ranks Luna top startup employer in 2024, confirming its leadership in in-home physical therapy with patient-centered care.

While virtual physical therapy companies such as Hinge Health and Sword Health provide accessibility, Luna's in-home, in-person approach provides a personalized touch that resonates with patients. 

Despite record investments into the virtual PT sector, a 2023 study showed that patients prefer hands-on, home-based care, a trend that is increasing according to a McKinsey report, which highlights that up to $265 billion worth of care services, representing up to 25 percent of the total cost of care, is expected to shift to the home by 2025.

Luna blends expert physical therapy with convenience, offering personalized in-home care through licensed therapists via the Luna app. Therapists assess, treat, and support patients at home, ensuring tailored rehabilitation plans and hands-on treatment ton facilitate recovery.

“As a prominent healthcare provider, Adventist recognizes the invaluable benefits of hands-on care in physical therapy and acknowledges the limitations of virtual MSK solutions. That's why we've chosen to partner with Luna, as patients are drawn to the accessibility, coverage, convenience, and consistently effective outcomes offered by in-home, in-person PT, making it a favored choice in their healthcare journey,” said Cory Ferrier, vice president at Adventist Health.

“This acknowledgment from Forbes underscores Luna's commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes and personalized PT care - and enduring value of tangible, hands-on care in an increasingly virtual world. The demand for convenient, in-person PT services is rapidly escalating with projections indicating that Luna will achieve one million home visits within the next 90 days alone,” said Palak Shah, co-founder and head of clinical operations at Luna.

Luna has served 60,000 patients in 55 metropolitan markets across 28 states, underpinning its commitment to revolutionizing healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes. Strategic partnerships with leading healthcare organizations, including Emory Healthcare, Intermountain Healthcare and UCI Health, means that over 190 million Americans have access to Luna’s in-home outpatient physical therapy service.

About Luna

Luna is the leading provider of in-home outpatient physical therapy. Unlike virtual or remote care, Luna’s licensed physical therapists provide 1:1 hands-on care in the convenience of a patient's home. With a network of over 3,000 therapists across 55 metropolitan markets in 28 states, Luna's services are covered by most major insurances, and patients pay the same co-pay as outpatient facility-based care. Luna enhances access and geographic reach for health systems and helps health plans and value-based care organizations reduce MSK costs. Luna is designated an “Exceptional Provider” by CMS/Medicare MIPS with over 80% of Luna patients reporting significant pain and functional improvement, enabling them to return to the activities they love. Luna partners with AARP, Adventist Health, Emory Healthcare, Intermountain Healthcare, Providence, and others. Visit for details.