Luna’s Clinical Dashboard Showcases Ongoing Patient Outcomes

On-demand physical therapy leader, Luna, recently announced the launch of its Clinical Dashboard, a major step forward for how physicians follow their patients' recovery after being referred to physical therapy. Before Luna’s Clinical Dashboard, physicians reported that they received faxes with limited status updates, and that they were infrequent and cumbersome to sift through.

With Luna’s Clinical Dashboard, physicians who refer to Luna gain regular visibility into their patients’ outcomes. Luna’s data driven platform generates valuable patient reports, showcasing the health of a physician’s patient population.

  • Timely: Sent weekly by secure email
  • Relevant: Organized by each physician in the practice
  • Insightful: Case distribution, patient demographics, visits by injury type, and more
  • Valuable: Pain level and functional scale improvements
  • Efficient: Easily view each patient’s status via green, yellow, and red indicators

The Clinical Dashboard enables communication and transparency with our partners, leading to a deeper understanding of generating better outcomes.

About Luna

Luna, the leading on-demand physical therapy provider, was founded in 2018 to reimagine the physical therapy experience. Luna makes receiving and practicing outpatient physical therapy more convenient, modern, and impactful - through the use of technology. Now, patients have greater access to care, and therapists have the autonomy and flexibility they need to manage their careers and thrive in their own practice. For more information about Luna, please visit