Luna Enables Physical Therapy Clinics to Offer On-Demand PT With “Powered by Luna”

Luna, the leader in on-demand physical therapy, is announcing the availability of its “Powered by Luna” service to clinics of all sizes across America. COVID-19 has forced PT clinics across America to halt operations, and Luna’s new service enables clinics to keep treating patients and employing therapists.

Therapists can safely and conveniently treat their patients without needing a brick-and-mortar clinic during this pandemic. Following COVID-19, Luna bets that on-demand physical therapy will be the new norm. Patients, more than ever, will want safe and convenient physical therapy in the comfort of their home or in their community.

For clinic owners, this represents the opportunity to not only recover lost visits due to the pandemic, but more importantly, offer services across an entire region - no longer constrained by the location of their clinic. Additionally, clinics can begin servicing a variety of new patient cases that may have traditionally been lost - including patients that “no show” to the clinic, patients that self-discharge, and post-surgical rehab that can’t get to the clinic for 2-3 weeks after surgery.

IRG Physical & Hand Therapy is the Pacific Northwest’s premier physical and hand therapy group and was founded by IRG President Shannon O’ Kelley, MPT, in 1996. IRG saw the future of physical therapy -- on-demand and in-clinic services together -- and has partnered with Luna to create even more access and better outcomes for more patients.

“Partnering with Luna to bring IRG On-Demand to our patients is essential to staying true to our mission of helping patients become their best selves. We see immense value in being able to match our therapists with our patients and treat them in the comfort of their homes. Plus, we’re now able to better recapture lost visits due to cancellations and we opened up new revenue opportunities.” - Shannon O’ Kelley, MPT, IRG President.

About Luna

Luna, the leading on-demand physical therapy provider, was founded in 2018 to reimagine the physical therapy experience. Luna makes receiving and practicing outpatient physical therapy more convenient, modern, and impactful - through the use of technology. Now, patients have greater access to care, and therapists have the autonomy and flexibility they need to manage their careers and thrive in their own practice. For more information about Luna, please visit